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GCH CH Ahquabi’s Fergus the First, RE, CD, GN, NDD, DD, ANDD, Versatility Dog681 views"Family" passes at Greater Twin Cities draft test (from left): John Anderson and Gus (father), Veronica Moyle and Daisy (daughter), apprentice judge Kathy Berge, judge Jennifer Brightbill, judge Steve Dudley, Jessica Briggle and Laney (mother). Oct 26, 2013
Acie and Georgina Cornell - New CKC DD799 viewsAcie, with his training wheel cart, is the first Norwegian Buhund to pass the CKC DD test. What a wonderful team!Jun 11, 2013
Acie and Georgina Cornell - New CKC DD688 viewsAcie, with his training wheel cart, is the first Norwegian Buhund to pass the CKC DD test. They had a flawless performance.Jun 11, 2013
Indie and Karma Bacon948 viewsNew BNDD Dogs with a Wilczek Woodworks Deluxe Large Cart (Maple base with Lace Wood Slats)Apr 08, 2013
Boomer Bogdan889 viewsBoomer and Jody Bogdan complete their MDD and ANDD titles.Feb 20, 2012
Hannah NDD and Kathy LaPine662 viewsJan 07, 2012
John Anderson and Gus678 viewsNew Versatility Dog!
Ch Ahquabi Fergus The First CD RA NDD
Jan 07, 2012
771 viewsJudith BarkerJan 07, 2012
Tessa NDD and Brenda Sanders760 viewsUACHX UCD Wagontale Heavens to Betty CD RE OA NAJ AXP OJP CGC BMDCA NDD Working Dog
Jan 07, 2012
Bill and Kessie Novice Draft Dog Award1945 viewsWatchung BMDC Test - Bethlehem, PA - October 7, 2006Oct 26, 2006
Bill and Kessie Draft Dog Award1995 viewsCamp Marist, Ossippee, NH - October 22, 2006Oct 26, 2006
Adriana Chefan and CH Great Lakes Guiness Stout2210 viewsGuiness trying out his new cart at the NationalMay 25, 2006
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